31349654_1919382118136117_4502845615796912128_n.jpg“Nicola and Lillie you are right, having a healthy diet with the exercise is so important. On the right is from 2014 – I had just run a 10K after training up to it for months. I was reasonably fit BUT I used to eat what I liked (think plenty of chocolate, cake, other treats in addition to large meals). On the left was last week after the 5K parkrun (pushing pram with two kids on=hard work and can’t run it all, but getting fitter every week). I’ve been learning about food and portion control through Foodfit and have been exercising too. The difference the healthy eating combined with exercise is amazing and I’m not done yet! Thanks for the inspiration and motivation firstly from my friend Helen, and now also from FoodFitAlison 

“My life has changed since FoodFit. I have never been one for other diet organisations but FoodFit is different because it’s not a diet. You don’t weigh out food, count calories or stand on scales. I have learnt how to read labels, serve a portion rather than a bellyfull and discover an addiction to excercise. I’m now a gym lover and a runner. Someone who was picked up in a police car in school cross country because I was so far behind everyone else…. I now run and enjoy it.” Jacqui

“The Nation is amazing. Not everyone can get to a weight loss group in person and that’s the beauty of it being online. You get ideas, and even if you don’t notice, I think you sub-consciously let it sink in and carry tips forward into your life. You can go back through all the videos in the group and watch them all whenever you like. The support is all there. I know that I can go for coffee with friends and have a cake at the coffee shop. Not starve myself and then come home cross about missing out, so comfort eat, which then makes me feel terrible again. Now I have the knowledge that nothing if forbidden!” Joanna (Read the rest of Joanna’s testimonial here)



“Joining the Foodfit family has meant I am learning about what I am putting into my body and how to fuel it. It opens your eyes to what is on food labels and helps you make the right choices. I feel much healthier and far more informed. It’s also helped me focus on making time for myself. It’s not just about the number on the scales….. it’s how you feel inside too! With the support of the group I have built up my running gradually and now take part in 5km Park runs with other group members. Increasing my fitness levels gradually has helped give me the confidence to take part in the triathlon…… getting on a bike for the first time in 20 years!!!” – Amanda

“I love that FoodFit is educating me about what my body needs and why! And what amazing benefits come from foods and exercise. The group and Facebook page is so informative and welcoming. Nicola and Lillie are amazing and obviously care deeply about changing people’s lives for the better. I love that I’m not on a diet and just eating healthy with no guilt about anything.” – Lisa 

FoodFit is a totally new mindset on your approach to food. Learning about food rather than just following a plan, it’s something that the whole family can enjoy and get fit and healthy together. There is a fabulously supportive group and the two ladies that run the group are so friendly and helpful and the response is virtually instant to any questions and queries.” – Dawn – Read all of Dawn’s testimonial here.

“I love how FoodFit has got me focused again and back into exercise. Love how everything is your choice” – Leanne

FoodFit is a new concept to losing weight. I love that each week we have a talk to educate about different parts of nutrition to enable me to make my own choices with food. I have also become much more active with exercise challenges. Losing weight now is no longer ‘dieting’ but balanced eating and being able to enjoy food again coupled with regular exercise.” – Cindy